Advanced Engineering Services ISO 9000 Auditors have intensive experience in providing internal and external independent audits as well as arranging for ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and other certifications. ÆS ISO 9000 Auditors are prepared to assist your company through the entire ISO 9000 Audit process to assure that the least cost certification is achieved.

Types of ÆS ISO 9000 audit preparatory tasks include

* Reviewing internal documentation for deficiencies;
* Providing guidance for eliminating documentation deficiencies;
* Pre-ISO 9000 audits to assure compliance;
* Assisting the ISO Auditor on-site to assure proper documentation of audit findings;
* Negotiating ISO 9000 audit findings to assure the least cost and schedule impacts;
* Periodic follow-on audits to assure correction and compliance for future ISO 9000 audits.

Types of Customer systems include

* Military aircraft systems
* Commercial product lines
* Military space systems
* NASA satellite systems
* NASA manned space systems
* Environmental systems
* Medical systems

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