Advanced Engineering Services Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Specialists have intensive experience in providing support for a wide variety of software, electromechanical, electronic and mechanical systems and subsystems using the most advanced computer assisted software and hardware ILS analysis tools.

Types of ILS design analysis tasks performed

* Maintenance concept planning
* Supply Support planning
* Facilities planning
* Manpower and Personnel planning
* Support and Test Equipment planning
* Training and Training Equipment planning
* Computer Resources Support planning
* Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHST) planning
* Technical Documentation planning
* Design influence for ease of support
This list of ILS tasks is applicable to any system or subsystem regardless of the type or size. ÆS personnel expeditiously tailor your requirements to fit your product's needs.

Types of systems include

* Military aircraft systems
* Commercial product lines
* Military space systems
* NASA satellite systems
* NASA manned space systems
* Environmental systems
* Medical systems

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